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Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Management Unit is a part of the organizational structure of the faculty and considered as an independent unit, which follows the dean of the faculty administratively and the quality assurance center of Minia University technically, according to university president decree on 23/11/2006 which approved the formation of the quality assurance and accreditation unit (Quality Assurance Unit).

Unit mission

Quality assurance unit seeks to provide continuous development elements for the faculty to keep pace with accelerated scientific and technological developments, quality of performance and upgrading of the faculty graduates to the level of excellence also upgrade their level to local and regional competitiveness.

Unit Vision

Quality assurance unit seeks to complete the factors of the internal quality assurance systems of the faculty in which it is capable of continuous development which qualifies it to obtain institutional and academic accreditation for its programs from local and regional authorities.

Unit Objectives

The unit aims to evaluate and develop university performance by measuring performance indicators for the inputs and outputs of educational research and community service through the following :

1- Organize workshops and training courses which aimed to developing university performance and quality assurance in order to raise awareness on the importance of quality assurance mechanisms.

. 2- Prepare the survey forms and evaluation tools which include evaluation mechanisms and criteria to implement a quality assurance system.

3- Exchange experiences of developing the pharmaceutical education with Egyptian faculties of pharmacy and international universities.

4- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the faculty's academic programs and submission the proposals and appropriate means to overcome them.

5- Supervise the description of academic programs and curricula, also form database for all academic programs and curricula for all academic degrees granted by the faculty in preparation for its development to adhere to national and local standards.

6- Submit annual reports on all faculty activities to administration to ensure institutional accreditation.